Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mason turns one!

This past Saturday was Mason's first birthday party! We decided to throw him a big, whale-themed party for this momentous occasion, inviting friends and family. And I'm happy to say that the entire weekend went great, no hiccups whatsoever!

I had started planning a few months back (since I knew I wouldn't have the time to plan it all at once) and decided this was going to be a hands-on, DIY type of event! I was very inspired by my friend Kelsey over at Daisies of Our Lives when she threw her son's amazing first birthday party. So little by little I ordered things (whale die-cuts, tissue poms) from Etsy and took a few trips to Paper Source. I designed the invitations and had them printed at a local shop, purchased a whale shaped cookie cutter for the sugar cookies I planned to hand out as favors and even did most of the baking (I am a terrible baker I am working on my baking skills). The only thing we splurged on was the food. There was no way I was going to be stuck in the kitchen for this party, so we had it catered by our friends at the Wit's End. The other favors we chose were customized soda bottles from Jones Soda Company.


My parents had flown in the day before so they were on hand to help with the last minute preparations. I did all the baking the day before, and let me just tell you that that was the most I've ever used my mixer! 24 sugar cookies, 32 cupcakes and one whale-shaped cake later, I called it a day!

Unfortunately it was raining the day of the party, but that didn't damper anyone's spirits. Daddy picked up the balloons and the food. My mom helped finish the favors and I did all the set-up and frosted the cupcakes. Guests started arriving at 11 o'clock sharp and it didn't take long before the house was filled with the sounds of laughter and conversation.

We ate, we drank and then it was time to serve Mason his very first birthday cake! We brought it out with a candle and all sang Happy Birthday and waited for him to get messy. He did a great job of getting the cake all over the high-chair, the floor and his clothes, but he actually didn't eat too much of it... which probably helped with nap time later that afternoon!

Anyway, it was definitely a day to remember and I thank my mom and dad for documenting the day in photos and video. And I also have to mention that I was proud of myself for not crying... at least not during the party!

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