Thursday, August 26, 2010


Mason loves to color and do crafts. In fact, he loves anything artsy (a child after my own heart) so I'd love to create him a space just for his art projects. A space that doesn't need to stay clean and where he can create magnificent masterpieces that will allow his father and I an early retirement.

My friend, Tiffany, got her son the MALA easel from IKEA and I always thought that when Mason was old enough, I'd get him one too. They're functional (one side features a chalkboard, the other a whiteboard, but you can put art paper over the whiteboard side), inexpensive and not an eye sore like so many other children's easels are. I went online looking for the easel to verify they had it at our local IKEA, and to my disappointment, it wasn't there. I checked to see if perhaps there were other easels at roughly the same price point, but I was doubtful. The cheapest easel I could find was more than double the price of the IKEA easel (granted it's only $20, but still, once I have my mind set on spending twenty bucks on an easel, I only want to spend twenty bucks!). I did some more research and found out it is only temporarily unavailable in the US and coming back to stores. In fact, it's in IKEA's newest catalog (on page 206 - I checked) and what's even better? They've lowered the price to $14.99! Crisis averted.

So I guess the moral of my story is that... well, there isn't really a moral, I just get to create the space I wanted for Mason to get his creative juices flowing, and don't have to spend more than twenty bucks on an easel.

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